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Railroad Park - Downtown

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Aridus Tasting Room
Winery Profile
Address: 145 N. Railview Ave.
Willcox, AZ 85643
Telephone: (520) 954-7891
Owned by: Scott and Joan Dahmer
Established: 2012
Winemaker: Lisa Strib
Amenities: Tasting room
Food: (No food)
Hours: Thu-Sun 11am-5pm
Custom Crush Facility
Address: 1126 N. Haskell Ave.
Willcox, AZ 85643
Telephone: (520) 766-2926
Owned by: Scott and Joan Dahmer
Established: 2012
Hours: By appointment only
Red White Rosé


Aridus [air•i•dus]: latin. dry, arid

Scott and Joan Dahmer came to Willcox years ago to plant a vineyard. They purchased land in a beautiful location in the picturesque foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains along Turkey Creek. Other vineyards in this area, already well-established and producing award winning wines that exhibited the unique characteristics of this location, were part of the enticement.

Then they got side-tracked. They saw an opportunity to instead begin their adventure by creating a custom crush facility. There are many vineyards in the broader region of Sulphur Springs Valley that need a place to make their wine. The Dahmers moved into a building previously used to process the apple crop of the valley and transformed it into a custom crush facility. Now those local vineyards can make their wine right here where the grapes are grown.

Aridus Custom Crush Facility  Aridus Custom Crush Facility  Aridus Custom Crush Facility

Aridus Wine Company is now the largest custom crush facility in Arizona. With state-of-the-art equipment, Aridus Wine Company produces local award-winning wines for their clients. And they also make wine and for their own label - ARIDUS.

If you are so inclined, call up the custom crush facility, which is located east of Willcox on Haskell. They just might invite you over for a tour of their extensive facility.

But make sure to visit the tasting room in downtown Willcox along Railview Ave, where they are pouring their award winning wines!



We are a consortium of Arizona Farm Wineries located in the Willcox area in the southeastern corner of Arizona. We invite you to visit our tasting rooms and enjoy our locally grown and produced wines.

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